How Do Companies Trade?


Stocks are bought and sold on stock exchanges where buyers and sellers meet to decide the price of shares and trade them. Such exchanges are made of brick and mortar. Stocks are bought and sold on the trading floor. We have often seen footage of traders in blue jacket wildly wave their hands, gesticulating and trying to out-shout each other. This type of exchange is called a physical exchange.

Another type of exchange is a virtual replacement. It consists of a network of computers where stocks are traded electronically. Traders can buy and sell shares from the comfort of their homes with computers and the Internet.

The purpose of the market is to facilitate the exchange of securities, in other words, to buy and sell shares. A stock market is like a super-sophisticated farmers market that brings together both buyers and sellers of shares. You can imagine how difficult it would be to find customers to buy shares in your neighborhood. It might not be easy to find one, even if you advertise in the local media. Even if you find customers, it would still be difficult to sell his stock a trade requires certain formalities can be performed only with good brokerage firm.

Stock Exchange solve the problem of buying and selling stock.

The stock market is of two types, primary market and the secondary market. The primary market is one where securities are created through IPO. When things have been issued, they are traded on another market called the secondary market. So is the place where investors trade with the previously issued bonds without the participation share of the issuing company, by market. When we talk about the market, we are referring to the secondary market. It will also understand that in stock trading company does not directly involve the company itself.

There are three major exchanges in the United States. They are the New York Stock Exchange-NYSE, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, or NASDAQ and the American Stock Exchange -AMEX.

The New York Stock Exchange

Also called “Big Board”, the NYSE is the most prestigious exchange in the world. Founded in 1792, more than two centuries back, the NYSE is an example of physical time. It is listed exchange and provides a market for the shares of some of the largest corporations in America including as General Electric, McDonalds, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, Gillette and Wal-Mart.

Orders come in through brokerage firms that are members of the exchange. Stocks are available on site called trading post. It is a specialist that matches buyers and sellers. The current price is the highest price that any buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price is that the seller is willing to accept. When a business has been established, the information sent to brokerage firms. Computers do play an important role in NYSE. The trading floor exchange is located at 11 Wall Street and is comprised of four business units.


The NASDAQ is a perfect example of a virtual stock exchange. It is also called over-the-counter market. Trading on NASDAQ is done electronically via computers and telecommunications networks traders. NASDAQ article shares some of America’s big technology companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Dell and Oracle. The brokerage firms act as market makers for various stocks on NASDAQ. The market for providing continuous bid and ask prices. Assessments are kept to meet the demands of investors.

The American Stock Exchange or AMEX

AMEX is the third largest stock exchange in the United States. It provides for trade in small cap stocks and derivatives.

If you want to do stock trading you will find brokers that will do to buy or sell shares. It is a stockbroker who does all the work to buy and sell shares for you. All you have to do is open an account with him and placing orders.


Farm Business Ideas – Cashing in on Organic Boom


With people becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and their own health, the sale of organic products is booming. Small and large towns alike are in a unique position to cash in on this booming industry. Whether you grow your own vegetables in your garden or acres of farmland, there are some ideas mussel that will help you cash in on this boom.

One option is to sell your production market farmer. Many cities already have these kinds of markets, and to see them double or triple in size as more people become interested. Smaller towns that have never had this option is to see them pop up all over. It is usually very cheap to rent a table at the local farmer’s market, these and a great way to get access to tons of local customers.

Another option is to make products from raw materials you are grow organically. For example, if you grow cucumbers you could consider pickling them into pickles. You can then them and market them on the internet. There are many websites that will allow you to file this type of things for free, and it can lead to huge sales.

You can also try cooperation with a local shop on consignment basis. You can give your products to them for no upfront fee, and as they sell the funnel part of the profits to you. This is an advantage because you have a very small amount of actual selling and marketing to do.

All these farm business ideas can work for towns, big and small alike. The key is to grow production quality and find a way to get it to the masses.


Invests $ 1000 in its Herb Business – Take Advantage of the current market trends


You know it’s been a huge surge in organic and natural products in recent years. People are becoming concerned with where their food and herbs come from. They want to be sure that what they eat does not contain pesticides that may be harmful to them and that they are as gentle on the soil as possible.

With this in mind, you can see how lucrative it can be to invest $ 1000 in your herb business. Start up costs are limited to buying seeds and natural fertilizers. While it will take some time and effort to plant your garden in the beginning, after it is planted you will have to do some work outside harvest herbs.

When you’ve got a few plants grow and cut, you can focus on marketing the product. There are many different options on how to sell them. If society has a market farmer, this can be a great advantage. People will often pay more for plants and their produce if they can actually see and talk to the person who is growing them. If this is not an option there are many websites that focus on organic and home-farming that allows you to file your herbs for sale.

Once you have been selling these herbs for a while, you have almost no costs associated with this company. Plants will continue to grow and reproduce without having to buy new seeds. If you want to branch out and start new kinds of herbs, go for it. But it is also possible to simply water your garden every day, harvest crops, count them online and watch the profits roll in day after day.


10 Things to do before you reach 40 in Ramsbottom


As time marches in life you go mid-30s, you start to wonder, what have I missed in life? So I have set myself the task of writing this article, both to challenge yourself mentally and physically, hopefully, I will manage to complete all 10 before I’m 40. The clock is ticking ….

· Complete the Anthony Nolan Trust – Peel Tower 700F Zip Slide Show for charity ! The 150 year old Tower is a stunning historical monument of Holcombe Hill; Tower’s rising 1,100ft, with views of Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales that are absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy the view from the top before flying through the air. No experience necessary. Up to raise funds for the British bone marrow register.

· Follow Irwell Sculpture Trail -This is the UK’s biggest public art system. The trail is about 30 miles long and features over 20 specially commissioned artwork. The trail starts at Salford Quays and finishes in the Pennines above Bacup.

· Nuttall Park , Delightful Riverside Park with facilities including football pitches, tennis & bowling green. . Plenty of special events during the year

· Rhythm & Blues Festival – festival will be the top British and international blues musicians to play various places both inside and outside come and support this prestigious event.

· East Lancashire Railway (ELR) Take a trip on the famous steam railway, this runs every Saturday and Sunday throughout the spring, summer and fall ..

· Complete Mad Good Friday – Rammy Mile – On Friday, I do not know if anyone has experienced Rammy mile. That is where around a couple of thousand people gathered and start Rammy miles Pub Crawl from Hare & Hounds Pub work down through the village which was completed in Railway Pub. I would whole-heartedly if you can do it! It’s a great experience to have fun with some friends

· Peel Tower climb 148 steps – The Peel Tower stands 128 feet high at the very top Holcombe Hill on a clear day it is said that you can see Blackpool Tower. It was originally built in 1852 in memory of former Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel and dominates the surrounding countryside. A real landmark to see from afar

· Farmers Market -. The Farmers Market is held monthly on the second Sunday of the month on the market (next to the slope of pocket) and inside the Civic Hall. They offer a wide range of local produce including fresh fish, seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit, pastries, jams, bread and sweets. The market also offers lots of locally made home-made crafts and paintings

· Ramsbottom United FC -. Watch the mighty Rams play at home vodkas League See the notice board in the Village for information about the next game

· into the world of Black Pudding Throwing Championships -. The bizarre competition celebrates the ancient rivalry between Lancashire and Yorkshire and attracts people from far away as Australia to compete.

Contestants gathered at the Royal Oak pub in pitch black pudding stack of Yorkshire puddings piled on the plinth 20ft off the ground. The rules: You can cast three competing standard 6oz pudding – underarm only. Whoever fell the most Yorkshire pudding is a winner.

All this and many more events can be found .


What is the future of Organic Certification?


Some organic produce enthusiasts are cheering the increasingly widespread availability. They say it’s time to major retailers like Safeway, Costco, and even Wal-Mart have begun to add organic products to their shelves. With the market starting to boom, some of the world’s largest food manufacturers are beginning to jump on the bandwagon, as well, such as Kellogg’s, Kraft, and General Foods. Is not it good news for advocates of healthier food? The answer is a qualified maybe. It is a simple matter of time proved the law of supply and demand. The organic market has grown steadily for decades, and when the numbers were there, it was inevitable that large companies would step in to grab market share. Some less intensive organic food advocates have expressed concern to giant retailers to enter the market will eventually weaken the certification standards and hurt small farmers who have been able to capitalize on serving organic niche market in order to survive.The market for organic production is still minuscule, accounting for less than 3 percent of the US retail food sales in 2005, but the numbers are still impressive: $ 14 billion in sales, an increase of 16 percent for organic produce, 24 percent for organic milk, and a whopping 55 percent increase in organic beef sales last year. Certified organic products typically sell at a 20-30 percent premium over similar inorganic ones. Given numbers like these, it is not surprising that the nation’s mega-retailers are starting to get excited with the prospect of further growth. However, there is growing concern that the factory-style farms importing organic area to fill the demand from retail giant, the certification process can be reduced to allow the huge farms to meet the specifications. They fear were some credible when recent report Cornucopia Institute found that two of the largest organic dairies in the nation keep their cows primarily enormous feedlots with little or no chance to graze in the pasture. At the moment, the demand for organic milk exceeds supply, but if the trend continues (and there is no reason to believe it will not), it could cause a genuine problem for small farmers, who have been virtually squeezed out almost every other phase of agriculture, but managed to find a niche market that allow them to stay in business. One of the largest impact on the market will be demand retail giant Wal-Mart for a considerably lower price. It means lower profit margins for suppliers, but it could also mean a further easing of certification standards in order to meet demand and low prices Wal-Mart would expect.

Where will it all lead? It is too early to tell, but if the current trend continues, it seems that the consumer cost of organic produce and meat is going to be more affordable. However, it is yet to be determined how much loosening certification guidelines will take place in order for it to occur. Copyright © 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher


The Best-Selling Items sold on cold winter days


Many shopping season meets to save money and get a good deal and cold winter days do not stop them.

Many start shopping more of an indoor flea markets because they want warmth, but hardcore flea market shoppers will still hit the outdoor flea markets, even when it is snowing, because they know where many wimped out and went in, that goes all the bargains for them. (Mile High Flea Market Henderson, Colorado is open year round, yes, even when it’s snowing and sellers and buyers still come out as always.)

Vendors still offer the usual time meet fare, used materials and new materials, but no matter the season well flea market vendors will still follow the rules :. Always sell what people want and need

In winter people do not want a swimsuit and shorts and shoes.

They want heavy coats with high collar that can snap shut furry hats that break down to keep their ears warm and gloves to keep their hands and fingers warm.

They do not want the sun

tan lotion. They want products stands. They want thicker socks and warmer shoes and insulated boots. They will ski pants icy wind will not cut through. They will insulated bib overalls.

Air conditioners and box fans did not sell so well in the winter, while electric space heaters do, as well as kerosene heaters, propane heaters, propane tanks and propane hoses.

People want snow shovels. They want ice scraper.

they will want to buy a bag of rock salt and chemical compounds melt to spread their sidewalks and steps.

People will also have snow tires. Used snow tires are great sellers, especially in early winter, but they do not go so well in the summer. Most people do not think, or shop, ahead.

Used tire chains in good condition will also sell well, as will drag chains.

cold, cough syrups and cough drops always sell, but especially in winter.

Buyers will also be looking for snowboarding, inner tubes and other things to have fun with slopes.

Many flea markets run their own concessions and will not allow anyone to compete with them. But many smaller markets do not have any concessions at all, and you can do quite well selling coffee and hot chocolate.

Follow the rules and sell what people want and need. Change your inventory with the seasons and success will always be your friend.


“Take for granted,” meaning while living in abundance


On Saturday morning I went to the market town. Buy usual weekly supply of fruits and vegetables, my last stop was the booth pretty Chinese woman is where I was buying pounds and pounds of persimmons for the last few weeks. She was smiling at me as usual, to recognize my face and welcomed my interest in this amazing fruit, often referred to by the Greeks as the “food of the gods” or “Kaki” in Japan.

While I was loading fruit that looked the most mature me, a Chinese woman told me that persimmons were now out of season and this was one of the last days when it was still selling them. I was not happy to hear it. I got so used to having plenty of persimmons on the kitchen counter my week after week, I almost forgot that soon they will not be available anymore.

It has to be the nature of man (or our ego) that we take so easily for granted all that is available to us in generosity. We forget to be thankful (without notice) and the biggest drawback is – we stop to enjoy all the great goodies

It is a shame that persimmons are not less sweet because I bought some pounds! of ripe tomatoes look like crop instead of fruits and nutritional value does not vary with the amount offered, either.

first impression bad news about the fast approaching end of the period for one of my favorite treats, was unexpectedly very useful reminder. When I started eating my first Kaki in the morning, I suddenly remembered that this could be one of the last of its kind until late autumn. Believe me, I enjoyed every bit of ripe, nutritious fruit tremendously, respecting the rich flavor, texture and comfortable open color, thank God all good in my life.


How Europe and America Contribute to Nightmare Africa


I’ll just briefly going to explain one of the ways the EU and US to make Africa poorer and put many African farmers out of work.

basically, in short, in European and American government subsidizes massive production of agricultural food and other agricultural products. An example of this was Mark 1 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) introduced in Europe who won the “pay to produce a” system; this meaning that the more you produce, the more the government would subsidize you, consequently much surpluses were produced!

However, this means that the supply of agricultural commodities in the United States and the EU are much greater than the demand, and so they have high levels of overproduction in these products, to solve this problem, they “dump” These products African markets, selling them below production cost and undercut African farmers. This obviously means that African farmers can not compete with these low cost products and therefore are forced out of his company, and forced further into poverty Westerners repatriate money that should be going to African farmers!

this combined with Multi National grain companies (MNC’s) to take over the farmers markets in Africa, to take money out of Africa back in the more economically developed countries (MEDC’s) makes it even harder on poor farmers and by Africa, all help to slow the industrialization of Africa. They are actually promoting what is already terrible situation in Africa

So the next time you hear about how the EU is generously selling food at low prices to Africa, take another, closer look, see how it the impact on farmers of Africa that are getting put out of work, and how at the same time, the EU and the United States to gain by getting rid of unwanted food! Always remember that there are deeper economic knock on effect on what seems simple events!


Urban Farming: Good Or Bad


Most of us believe that organic production is better for us than mass produced and processed foods company town, but it is not always the case. Just because you go to the farmers market to buy fruits and vegetables does not mean that a person growing so know what they are doing. “Organic Produce” is a serious time with their own definition, and any rising raw material in their backyard probably not the right label even if they are doing mostly all right.

The other day I was having a discussion about this with the leading authority on Urban Farming and he indicated the importance of safe food supply and future mass production of agriculture within the city itself or very close. Actually, I asked him; Why hold this view? Is it because the cost of transportation? I mean there are lots of places on the planet enough to grow food. You see, we have a very fertile region in specific areas where crops grow magnificently, and we have a lot of transportation and distribution as well.

He further notes that in some cases folks should grow their own food supply so it is safe, thus, his focus on Urban farming. Again I ask, why would this be? The free market seems to make a lot of food, and our food supply, at least in the United States is completely safe, very few incidents at all, and we are sure here about every little one through the media when something goes wrong.

Now then, some folks are concerned with GM crops, the use of fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides and food poisoning, the answer is to grow your own food people as a possible solution and he specifically ask

“The question is how do they do in urban areas?”

Nevertheless, I ask; he believe that Urban Farming really makes sense, I mean in the suburbs growing vegetables in the garden sense. For City Apartment stay I suppose there are hydroponic growing technology available Super Food level citrus, vegetables, fruits, etc. – but these are slowly catching on now. His comments are to use such a strategy

-Vertical Farming,

-Green Roof Farming,

-Small Space Gardening,

-Urban much Farming and

-Full year productive green roofs in colder climates.

he considers them all to be good ideas. Well then, sure, makes sense, but with all the pollution in the city, it seems Urban farming could not be so great, as well, the frequency of pollution, etc.

He also believes that urban farming will reduce the urban heat island problem, and could help with storm water reclamation and purification. True enough, I suppose, and yes, I’m up all of these things as well. Indeed, with regard to urban heat islands, as this +5 degrees sure helps greenhouse type situations. Restore storm water makes sense, but only with a super-water filtration system, as well, rainwater collection before it hits the storm drain.


What’s Flea Market?


Flea Market is usually a large open space where people come together so they can buy or barter high availability of products. You may also hear the term Bazaar. A bazaar is another word for the market from the Middle East.

You can also hear the term trunk or boot sale, because some will be products for sale in their cars or even set up stands in their vehicles or right next to it. Markets renting space to people who want to sell or barter goods.

flea markets usually include use of products that are high quality items and low quality items that you can also find antiques. You can often find bargains on used goods in fairly good condition from vehicles gold. You can also find collectibles that are worth reasonable money. Many markets offer fresh produce and plants from local farmers and in some states you may even see animals from farmers for sale or barter. It is also possible that you may find traders selling brand new products such as handmade jewelry and other at flea markets. Some merchants may sell discontinued items for far prices.

You can see the thrift store owners looking at fleas for products they can resell or keep for themselves is their. They also call renters in the market “vendors”. It can be indoors, such as in warehouses or school. Or it can be outdoors, as in a field or parking and sometimes even under tents. Flea markets can be open annually or twice a year, sometimes they are open all year and the monthly, weekends, and even daily. Sellers may vary from a local family who rent a table for the first time to sell some unwanted household items, for scouts seeking the region buying items for sale from garage sales and other markets. Usually the scouts will have many employees watching stalls. Vending of flea, is different from street vending in the markets where self-coming buyers and not a public attraction. You will find that many markets have food vendors who sell snacks and drinks to the guests. Flea Market is one of the largest growing industry with flea markets open and go every day around the world. When you search for markets always keep your eyes open for that one rare items. You never know you might just find a diamond in the rough. Some meet with a list of things and just looking for the best price or trade. No matter what you’re after always be ready to be surprised by things and deals that you will see. A market is supposed to be a surprise. You will find all the flea market is looking for different things until they see one rare items they do not expect to see. Always take some more things you do not want or need and try to negotiate things that you want.


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