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Urban Farming: Good Or Bad


Most of us believe that organic production is better for us than mass produced and processed foods company town, but it is not always the case. Just because you go to the farmers market to buy fruits and vegetables does not mean that a person growing so know what they are doing. “Organic Produce” is a serious time with their own definition, and any rising raw material in their backyard probably not the right label even if they are doing mostly all right.

The other day I was having a discussion about this with the leading authority on Urban Farming and he indicated the importance of safe food supply and future mass production of agriculture within the city itself or very close. Actually, I asked him; Why hold this view? Is it because the cost of transportation? I mean there are lots of places on the planet enough to grow food. You see, we have a very fertile region in specific areas where crops grow magnificently, and we have a lot of transportation and distribution as well.

He further notes that in some cases folks should grow their own food supply so it is safe, thus, his focus on Urban farming. Again I ask, why would this be? The free market seems to make a lot of food, and our food supply, at least in the United States is completely safe, very few incidents at all, and we are sure here about every little one through the media when something goes wrong.

Now then, some folks are concerned with GM crops, the use of fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides and food poisoning, the answer is to grow your own food people as a possible solution and he specifically ask

“The question is how do they do in urban areas?”

Nevertheless, I ask; he believe that Urban Farming really makes sense, I mean in the suburbs growing vegetables in the garden sense. For City Apartment stay I suppose there are hydroponic growing technology available Super Food level citrus, vegetables, fruits, etc. – but these are slowly catching on now. His comments are to use such a strategy

-Vertical Farming,

-Green Roof Farming,

-Small Space Gardening,

-Urban much Farming and

-Full year productive green roofs in colder climates.

he considers them all to be good ideas. Well then, sure, makes sense, but with all the pollution in the city, it seems Urban farming could not be so great, as well, the frequency of pollution, etc.

He also believes that urban farming will reduce the urban heat island problem, and could help with storm water reclamation and purification. True enough, I suppose, and yes, I’m up all of these things as well. Indeed, with regard to urban heat islands, as this +5 degrees sure helps greenhouse type situations. Restore storm water makes sense, but only with a super-water filtration system, as well, rainwater collection before it hits the storm drain.


What’s Flea Market?


Flea Market is usually a large open space where people come together so they can buy or barter high availability of products. You may also hear the term Bazaar. A bazaar is another word for the market from the Middle East.

You can also hear the term trunk or boot sale, because some will be products for sale in their cars or even set up stands in their vehicles or right next to it. Markets renting space to people who want to sell or barter goods.

flea markets usually include use of products that are high quality items and low quality items that you can also find antiques. You can often find bargains on used goods in fairly good condition from vehicles gold. You can also find collectibles that are worth reasonable money. Many markets offer fresh produce and plants from local farmers and in some states you may even see animals from farmers for sale or barter. It is also possible that you may find traders selling brand new products such as handmade jewelry and other at flea markets. Some merchants may sell discontinued items for far prices.

You can see the thrift store owners looking at fleas for products they can resell or keep for themselves is their. They also call renters in the market “vendors”. It can be indoors, such as in warehouses or school. Or it can be outdoors, as in a field or parking and sometimes even under tents. Flea markets can be open annually or twice a year, sometimes they are open all year and the monthly, weekends, and even daily. Sellers may vary from a local family who rent a table for the first time to sell some unwanted household items, for scouts seeking the region buying items for sale from garage sales and other markets. Usually the scouts will have many employees watching stalls. Vending of flea, is different from street vending in the markets where self-coming buyers and not a public attraction. You will find that many markets have food vendors who sell snacks and drinks to the guests. Flea Market is one of the largest growing industry with flea markets open and go every day around the world. When you search for markets always keep your eyes open for that one rare items. You never know you might just find a diamond in the rough. Some meet with a list of things and just looking for the best price or trade. No matter what you’re after always be ready to be surprised by things and deals that you will see. A market is supposed to be a surprise. You will find all the flea market is looking for different things until they see one rare items they do not expect to see. Always take some more things you do not want or need and try to negotiate things that you want.


Fresh Groceries and the Farmers Market


Why are so many Individuals shopping at farmers markets, study this and Possibly you may join themself.

A new phenomenon has been the growth of farmers markets. Because These market places wait on you Immediately, removing the wholesaler, you acquirement the best local grown produce. Patronizing local business enterprise is top-notch for the economy and what you may not Realise is that the produce obtained at These market places Tenda to have marvelous flavors. Put simply, farmers markets are most-valuable for the consumer, the producer, and the environment.

The Pros and Cons of Farmers Markets

Guardian Ship for our environment is one of the Deepest Concerns for Today everyone. Each individual is looking for directions in which to help. We are cutting down our supermarket carrier bags, switching our lights off When They are not utilized and Reusing more of our trash. Yet, one new thing that we all practice Can, That we do not commonly Consider, is to change shopping for local Foodstuffs from a farmers market.

Packaging is a major contributor towards waste material. If you regard your local farmers market, the packaging is limited. Foodstuffs Such as fruit and vegetables are not prepacked but remainside loose. As They are Developed locally, They have not so far to move-which cuts down on the fuel economic consumption called for to carry the commodities.

Another key point to foods obtained in farmers markets is that you know exactly where it has been. You Can ask the producer as Many questions as you wish and They Will Be Able to give you reliable, helpful replies about the wares They are trading. With produce That has been shipped from overseas, anything could have occurred to it and you would never know a thing about it. There is also the fact That produce-which is shipped Normally is treated with chemicals to guarantee That it Last longer.

Local Concerns Will be helped When you purchase from a farmers market. It is more affordable for business organizations to buy locally and simpler Besides. Also, farmers markets near Concerns Will gain from the extra business thatthey Obtainment after a market has been held. This Helps to bring Both agricultural and city communities together.

Naturally, the Important reward to consumers is the quality of the products. Normally, you get to try the assorted merchandises available before you purchase. Homemade Preserves, pates and cakes are all there to sample. You Will get fresh tender meat, flowers, and handmade decorations as well. There is an superimposing variety of food available all with its own unique remarkable taste!

Considering all These facts, it Makes sense to purchase fresh produce grown locally That is. Farmers markets offer you the prospect to support your local residential district as well as allowing for you to sample genuine quality, fresh foods.

Also, if you are seems to drive or have limited mobility, there are now online farmers That markets enable you to look at the produce of your local farms on their website and have your selected produce Delivered to your door.


Benefits of the farmer’s market to farmers and consumers


farmer’s market is usually a physical retail market, where farmers sell their produce directly to consumers. Typical market farmers will consist of booths, stands or tables, either indoors or outdoors. Farmers usually sell vegetables, grains, fruits, meat, cereals, spices and also the unique foods and drinks. In some markets, farmers also sell locally unavailable imported products and delicacies, along with crafts and personal. This market farmers adds value both to farmers and to the community. This market exists at the international level but reflects the culture and economy. The size of this market can be between a few stalls in areas that can cover several blocks of the city.

Benefits Farmers Market to farmers

main benefit accruing to farmers from this market is higher profits, compared to sales of their products to wholesalers, large companies grocery or food. When farmers sell directly to consumers, they need

• Lesser transport

• Lesser-term storage

• Lesser demand cooling

• Lesser handling

Moreover, when they sell in the market in an organized outdoor or indoor farmer, costs associated with land, buildings and other costs such as lighting or air conditioning are also significantly reduced or completely eliminated. Furthermore, farmers can always increase their profits from this direct selling by offering excess produce to canneries and other food companies. In addition, consumers also perceive that they are getting better quality products and fresh products compared to what they get from the grocers, which allows farmers to keep operating intermediaries themselves. In addition to selling directly to consumers is easy and uncomplicated process, but to sell to large financial demand could be complicated contracts and bank payments.

Benefits of Farmers Market to consumers and communities

main advantages to consumers and communities get from the farmer’s markets are

• This market helps to improve and maintain important social ties as connecting communities with urban residents.

• Traffic on the market farmer’s living and increases traffic to other nearby businesses.

• When consumers buy in this market, they automatically start to notice the ongoing activities and the surrounding area, causing greater social awareness.

• When stores get created for the local products, the market offers unique and special features, increases the pride of the farmers and also encourages consumers to return frequently or regularly.

• Lower transport and storage reduce energy costs, pollution transport, infrastructure costs and land required for storage.

Thus, the market farmer is beneficial both for the farmers and communities.


What You Need to Know About Farmers Market Insurance


As the popularity of Farmers Markets continue to grow – USDA estimats approximately 7.175 markets in 2010 – Farmers Market organization and market managers are beginning to require that all participants have a commercial general liability policy. Unfortunately, many insurance companies specialize in this review, and farmers market managers and producers do not have a lot of jargon insurance industry.

A basic market or vendor insurance policy is structured to provide a wide range of coverage in order to protect the market or a seller against lawsuits. The main component of short-term policy is liability coverage. This form of insurance will pay for damages if someone is injured or if there is damage to property belonging to someone attending the event. The insureds can also add a policy to protect organizer, venue, etc., from the requirements of the activity in the market or the seller.

liability cover market or seller in case the participants are somehow injured by display vendor or product, or damage that is caused to the place of the seller

Q:.? Is my property covered by a general liability insurance policy

Answer: The general liability policy considered property you own, rent, loan, or property that is in your charge. This exclusion is because if you have property that fits this description, there are separate property policies that are available to ensure such risks

Question :. What type of property makes public liability cover?

Example: An example would be the protector of the clothes are damaged when he trips and falls over an exposed extension cords that you have not properly set for your event. Because this property (garments) was not owned, leased, or loans of you or in your care at the time of the damage general liability policy would pay for damage to these items.

Question: If I mention some of my policy as an additional insured, it means that they do not have their own separate insurance of

Answer: No , they would still need their own insurance in order to be properly protected. A common misconception with additional insured is the belief that if they are named as additional insured on the policy, they do not need to worry about buying their own insurance. However, an additional insured only protection under the policy if they are not responsible for the claim. They would not be protected under the policy if they were to blame for the claim.

The reasoning behind this is simple. If you are responsible for your claim, your insurance should provide protection, including providing protection for additional insured. If additional insured is liable, their own insurance would have to provide the coverage. If you are both the same and partly responsible for the same claim, then one would rely on their own insurance to protect

Example 1 :. As a distributor, you have to download huge Pumpkin Farmer’s Market, and have named the Great Pumpkin on your policy as an additional insured as required by the vendor contract. Through no fault of the Great Pumpkin, patron slips and falls in your store and brings a case against you and the Great Pumpkin. Policy would provide coverage for you and the Great Pumpkin

Example 2 :. The same scenario as above. But instead of slipping and falling into the booth, protector falls into the common area near the booth, as shelf. The customer sues you and the Great Pumpkin. Policy would protect you, but would not provide protection for the Great Pumpkin. They would have to rely on their own insurance

Q:.? What are cases & Aggregate Limits

Answer: occurrence limit is the maximum amount the insurance company pays for the event, regardless of the number of persons injured (creditors).

An Aggregate means the same as the cap. It is the total amount, regardless of the number of special cases; the insurance company pays out for all claims during the term of your policy

Example :. Your policy is $ 1,000,000 Aggregate limit. During the period of the life you have 3 requirements are provided for you. $ 250,000 awarded in another claim, $ 500,000 was provided in the second claim and $ 300,000 was awarded for the third claim. The total amount awarded: $ 1.05 million. The insurance company would pay a total of $ 1,000,000 (Aggregate max policy goals). You would be responsible for the balance of $ 50,000

Q:.? What’s Products Liability

Answer: Products liability (including completed operations) insurance provides protection for you against injury to the public caused by a defective product that you produce, sell or give away .

Most, but not all, general liability policy provided automatically Products Liability / completed operations coverage. Sometimes we are unable to provide this coverage if the products are considered dangerous; such as tobacco, cosmetics, motor vehicles, etc.

Here are some examples of product liability claims

Example 1: A customer buys a souvenir shirt sold by the seller in the market. Shirt was improperly labeled and contained the content viewer was allergic. Products liability insurance would provide coverage vendor for any resulting claims

Example 2 :. A food vendor selling chicken dishes inappropriate prepares food causing bacteria develop. Therefore, some customers get food poisoning. Products liability insurance would provide coverage of the food vendor for any resulting claims.

Other options for short-term insurance policies include coverage for the cost of medical care for someone who is injured due to the exhibitor at a special event, whether the policy holder is responsible or not. Coverage for vehicles used for the event can also be incorporated.

Short term insurance vary from company to company, so you should always consult an agent to understand what the policy covers.


Farmers Market in New Jersey – Top Farmers Markets in NJ


If you are looking to Farmers Market in NJ, you’ve come to the right place. New Jersey is home to some of the finest fruits, vegetables and other various produce in the country. From pick your own apples, pears, blueberries, pumpkins, Christmas trees, cherries, corn, tomatoes, and much more, the landscape here offers a wide selection of fresh produce. There are several markets that you can choose from, depending on where you live, it is never one too far away. From North Jersey to the south, check out some of the best farmers markets in NJ here.

In North Jersey, you Ridgewood Farmers Market, which is located near transit rail station on the square Garber Ridgewood. They are open from June 28 to October 25 on Sundays from 9am – 3PM. They sell a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, ranging from potatoes to tomatoes, you can find what your looking for and its only a stones throw away. WIC and Senior FMNP vouchers are also accepted by some farmers, and can be applied to the purchase. To the south in Ocean County, you have farmers Toms River Market, which is located on the Lake Street in Toms River. This market is open from June 10 September – October 28, on Wednesdays from 11am – 5pm. They also have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, as well as honey and honey products, bread, cakes and other assorted nuts and candy.

Then too the south in Cape May County, you have the Stone Harbor Farmers Market, which is open on Sundays of 28 June to September 6. This market is one of the most popular in the South Jersey area, and contributes over a dozen different farms and farmers markets in NJ. They also have a variety of great pastries and cakes, as well as local fish, cheese, ground coffee, fruits and vegetables, flowers, and honey. There are many other NJ Farmers Market to choose from, take your pick of the crop and find the Farmers Market in New Jersey here.


Markets Oahu’s Farmers’


Oahu is home to an abundance of interesting and delicious fruits and vegetables, including common foods such as bananas, cabbage, and carrots as well as more exotic foods including lychees, rambutan, and Taro. As you know the way through the two-week vacation, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many of these Oahu favorite.

For more in-depth look at production Hawaii, however, consider visiting one of the many markets Ko Olina top farmers. In addition to tasting a wider range of fresh fruits and vegetables, you will be able to interact with farmers and learn more about the characteristics of each food item. If you are a food enthusiast, consider visiting one or more of these local markets

1. Kapiolani Community College (KCC), KCC hosts the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market from 7; 30-11 each week. The biggest local market, farmers sell a wide selection of produce as well as homemade jams, bread and pastries, fresh meat and fish, and flowers. Retailers also sell specialty food items such as spice mixes and homemade honey. Visitors often come to read a variety of items for sale while enjoying breakfast on the go at one of the area restaurants.

2. Fresh Fridays: Kaiser-Permanente’s Honolulu Clinic hosts a farmers’ market every Friday from 9 am to 12:30 sell fresh, local ingredients. Periodically, the market includes cooking demonstrations and various educational programs on healthy lifestyles, diet tips, and other food preparation and preservation techniques.

3. Waikiki Farmers Market: Every Monday and Friday, the king’s Village in Waikiki hosts a farmers market from 4 to 9 pm. This market of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as pre-prepared Hawaiian food. The artisanal food section featuring crafty dishes made with small restaurants.

4. ‘Market: Located on the North Shore, The Haleiwa Farmers Haleiwa Farmers Market offers fresh produce, meat, cheese and eggs visitors north of Oahu. This market is open every Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm and also features ready to eat food items that is perfect for meandering lunch.

5. He’eia Open Market: The He’eia Open Market is focused on arts and crafts, fishing products, flowers and other beautiful plants rather than raw ingredients. Located on He’eia State Park off Kamehameha Highway, the market is open to visitors from 09: 00-03: 00 on Sundays.

These are just some of the many farmers’ markets located on Oahu. The selection of produce, meat, dairy products, and a variety of creative products will allow you to experience a new side of Oahu life. With meeting and interacting with farmers, chefs and local artists, you will learn more about the rhythm of Oahu and better understand the basis for fresh and flavorful cuisine Hawaii.


Common Mistakes When opting for catering services

In any case, it may be a wedding, anniversary, corporate event or a simple family gathering, food is important. Of course, after all the fun, laughter and joy, a person needs to reenergize themselves to continue the wonderful event.

Other than food, it’s also important to have a different range of drinks that complement the food. However, preparing, cooking and presenting food on the event can be very stressful. Other than that, you need to provide great food menus for your guests. In order to deal with these issues and make the event memorable, you need to opt for Event catering service. Unfortunately, there are elements where snacks can ruin the entire event. To avoid this, below are some of the most common problems when opting for such services.

Inexperienced caterers

As of now, there are numerous companies that offer catering services. However, not all companies can provide you with the right service or reliable caterers. Therefore, there are some examples you could hire inexperienced caterers due to low prices. By doing so, the events can be there where inexperienced caterers can not provide the service you are looking for.

Limited food and beverage

When it comes to food and drinks, individuals have a great selection to choose from as they can be in their menu. But, some refreshments granted only a limited range of food and drink. Therefore, the event can end up being a waste of time and money from food and drinks can suffice the needs of your guests.

Improper food promotion

Other than preparing and cooking food, catering also offer amazing food presentation. Food presentation has to entice your guests to eat and enjoy the event. However, improper food promotion can influence events where guests will not eat due to improper food presentation.

Not targeted visitors

Another mistake when opting for food is not based visitors. Of course, everyone loves the food, but there are people who are very choosy in the food they eat the vegan and see. By neglecting this aspect, some visitors could get pretty scenario of events that can affect your reputation.

Leaving your guests hungry

Finally, it is important to leave visitors hungry. This can be avoided by hiring a reputable caterers. Experienced caterers know what to serve food. Some caterers even provide finger food in order to suffice hungry guests while waiting for the main dish.

By knowing all these mistakes, people can create a wonderful event that can help them achieve their goals.

Eating Healthy on the Run Can Be Easy

Eating on the go is a reality for busy families and professionals. This does not mean you have to throw caution to the wind and eat junk food. Maintaining a healthy diet is just as important as monitoring your busy schedule. Stress can really affect the health of your body and mind. By eating a healthy and balanced diet you can reduce stress levels and improve your health. The following tips are a good starting point to remind you to eat healthy on the run does not have to be difficult.


Be smart. Restaurants can be a big temptation to over eat. Many have large menus and a large part. Splurging from time to time is OK, but do not make it a habit. Many restaurants have a low calorie section on their menus. This is your best bet to get smaller portions and keep the calorie count low. In addition, many restaurants are now offering organic and natural options. When you can take advantage of this healthy choice.


Airports can be an easy place to get lost the healthy way. Boredom, long wait times, and stress can make even dedicated health nut succumb to temptation. Remember that you can always find a healthy snack even in a sea of ​​junk food. Great Hula offers custom sandwiches with many fresh low fat ingredients. If you happen to be in the Atlanta Airport, the proof of the pudding is low in fat and sodium “super foods” that are always a good way to stay on track.

In the car

Eating on the road can be a challenge, but if you disciplined and make a plan that you are sure to be on track. First, make sure that the plan head when possible. Make sure to pack food or snack the day before. A thermos is great for keeping food either hot or cold. Bring plenty of healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, apple slices and nuts. Second, make a plan and check it. If you eat lunch at noon every day, plan to have a meal. Not only delay eating until you have the time. This can get internal clock all out of whack and can lead to over eating. Also, make sure to stop eating, if at all possible. This will give you the opportunity to relax and refresh. In addition, this is also a great time to stretch or walk, which can help you feel more awake especially for long drives. Third, make informed decisions, if you stop the drive through. “Eat this, not that” is a great book full of simple swaps can help you make better choices when eating fast food. In addition, many apps that you can download to your phone to take out the guess work.

Make sure to always be aware of the foods you choose while on the move. Being healthy is not always easy, but remember that you can always bring a healthy meal or snack with you. When you learn to make the right choices, eat healthy on the go will be easy.

Tips on how to eat healthy and busy man

Do you live a busy lifestyle and wondering how you can eat healthy food? Here are tips on how to do it:

Plan to eat healthy

For you to get started on the right foot you need to plan to eat healthy. Here you need to take a few minutes and you organize. The best way to go about it is to make a list of things you want to eat all week.

After the list, you should go to the store and buy everything you need. There are a number of benefits that come with buying everything you need: Buy all eliminates impulse buying. It also saves you a lot of time as you will not be heading to the stores every day.

Take breakfast

Studies have shown that many busy people do not take breakfast. This is unfortunate and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you do not have time to do all the breakfast, consider making a fast one. Some of the great options that you should go to include:

Smoothies: you should go for smoothies with positive protein, such as hemp, brown rice, peanut butter and seeds.

Muffins: for ideal results, you should bake muffins in advance and freeze them.

Salad: it’s great when you take salad summer. You should take a salad with roasted nuts and seeds, sliced ​​eggs and beans.

Granola: if possible, you should take homemade granola. For ideal results, you should take it with walnuts, pumpkin seeds and chopped apples.

Be careful when Socializing

It is common for career people to get together after work drinks and dinner. When you are going out with your friends you should be careful about what you take. Chances are that most of the food is unhealthy; therefore, for you to avoid eating a lot of unhealthy foods you should always make sure you eat before you go out. This way you will not arrive at the hotel or at the bar while starving so you will not eat unhealthy food.

If you are eating at the bar, always ask the waiter to serve you some vegetables.


These are tips that you should put into consideration the busy person. You should avoid taking a lot late dinner. The best way to go about it is to pick up snacks such as fruit, mixed nuts and granola. It is also wise to take your favorite soup.

Everything you eat or drink, you’re either feeding problems or fight it. Let’s fight it together by eating fresh, healthy and non-toxic food.