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Oahu is home to an abundance of interesting and delicious fruits and vegetables, including common foods such as bananas, cabbage, and carrots as well as more exotic foods including lychees, rambutan, and Taro. As you know the way through the two-week vacation, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many of these Oahu favorite.

For more in-depth look at production Hawaii, however, consider visiting one of the many markets Ko Olina top farmers. In addition to tasting a wider range of fresh fruits and vegetables, you will be able to interact with farmers and learn more about the characteristics of each food item. If you are a food enthusiast, consider visiting one or more of these local markets

1. Kapiolani Community College (KCC), KCC hosts the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market from 7; 30-11 each week. The biggest local market, farmers sell a wide selection of produce as well as homemade jams, bread and pastries, fresh meat and fish, and flowers. Retailers also sell specialty food items such as spice mixes and homemade honey. Visitors often come to read a variety of items for sale while enjoying breakfast on the go at one of the area restaurants.

2. Fresh Fridays: Kaiser-Permanente’s Honolulu Clinic hosts a farmers’ market every Friday from 9 am to 12:30 sell fresh, local ingredients. Periodically, the market includes cooking demonstrations and various educational programs on healthy lifestyles, diet tips, and other food preparation and preservation techniques.

3. Waikiki Farmers Market: Every Monday and Friday, the king’s Village in Waikiki hosts a farmers market from 4 to 9 pm. This market of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as pre-prepared Hawaiian food. The artisanal food section featuring crafty dishes made with small restaurants.

4. ‘Market: Located on the North Shore, The Haleiwa Farmers Haleiwa Farmers Market offers fresh produce, meat, cheese and eggs visitors north of Oahu. This market is open every Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm and also features ready to eat food items that is perfect for meandering lunch.

5. He’eia Open Market: The He’eia Open Market is focused on arts and crafts, fishing products, flowers and other beautiful plants rather than raw ingredients. Located on He’eia State Park off Kamehameha Highway, the market is open to visitors from 09: 00-03: 00 on Sundays.

These are just some of the many farmers’ markets located on Oahu. The selection of produce, meat, dairy products, and a variety of creative products will allow you to experience a new side of Oahu life. With meeting and interacting with farmers, chefs and local artists, you will learn more about the rhythm of Oahu and better understand the basis for fresh and flavorful cuisine Hawaii.


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