Eating Healthy on the Run Can Be Easy

Eating on the go is a reality for busy families and professionals. This does not mean you have to throw caution to the wind and eat junk food. Maintaining a healthy diet is just as important as monitoring your busy schedule. Stress can really affect the health of your body and mind. By eating a healthy and balanced diet you can reduce stress levels and improve your health. The following tips are a good starting point to remind you to eat healthy on the run does not have to be difficult.


Be smart. Restaurants can be a big temptation to over eat. Many have large menus and a large part. Splurging from time to time is OK, but do not make it a habit. Many restaurants have a low calorie section on their menus. This is your best bet to get smaller portions and keep the calorie count low. In addition, many restaurants are now offering organic and natural options. When you can take advantage of this healthy choice.


Airports can be an easy place to get lost the healthy way. Boredom, long wait times, and stress can make even dedicated health nut succumb to temptation. Remember that you can always find a healthy snack even in a sea of ​​junk food. Great Hula offers custom sandwiches with many fresh low fat ingredients. If you happen to be in the Atlanta Airport, the proof of the pudding is low in fat and sodium “super foods” that are always a good way to stay on track.

In the car

Eating on the road can be a challenge, but if you disciplined and make a plan that you are sure to be on track. First, make sure that the plan head when possible. Make sure to pack food or snack the day before. A thermos is great for keeping food either hot or cold. Bring plenty of healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, apple slices and nuts. Second, make a plan and check it. If you eat lunch at noon every day, plan to have a meal. Not only delay eating until you have the time. This can get internal clock all out of whack and can lead to over eating. Also, make sure to stop eating, if at all possible. This will give you the opportunity to relax and refresh. In addition, this is also a great time to stretch or walk, which can help you feel more awake especially for long drives. Third, make informed decisions, if you stop the drive through. “Eat this, not that” is a great book full of simple swaps can help you make better choices when eating fast food. In addition, many apps that you can download to your phone to take out the guess work.

Make sure to always be aware of the foods you choose while on the move. Being healthy is not always easy, but remember that you can always bring a healthy meal or snack with you. When you learn to make the right choices, eat healthy on the go will be easy.

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